River Bluff Estate


May 16, 2018

The Jon Boat and Fishing

on the Waccamaw River

River Bluff Estate is about 70' above the river, with a long walkway to the fixed dock with a little shed on it; then there is a ramp to the floating dock. There you will find the little jon boat and paddles (meaning, you paddle) that sits on the floating dock. We try to keep life vests in the shed on the fixed dock, (but, if you don't see them, let us know). Guests are certainly welcome to use it. And, just like the pool and River warnings, it is at your own risk. In order to get your bearings between our location and the River, we are at the edge of an inlet, called Tilley Swamp. It actually goes back aways to Tilley Lake. Should you paddle to the right, and as you make the curve, you may see that the beavers keep it damned up most of the time. Just a peaceful pretty little section. With little or no boat traffic. If you go out into the River to the left, just beyond our dock, you are on the Waccamaw River.

The Waccamaw River actually forms from Lake Waccamaw in NC. As it gets into SC, it is still a spread out, flowing swamp. Then, becomes a River. It flows by us, through the County seat - Conway, onto the Intercoastal Waterway and then on out to the Atlantic.

Our property sits at a hairpen turn, there is an eddy (deep swirl of water) that digs a hole in the River bottom because of the rapid flow in that spot. Our depth finder showed it at 65 feet, and about 40' wide.

Now. Back to the jon boat. If you want to fish (there's plenty - mostly cat fish, brim, some ghar). We have rod/reels, etc. Hopefully they are in order. They are somewhat maintained, as it is not officially offered, but they are not always maintained by us. We don't really offer that - but, you are welcome to what we have along that line.

For bait, just about a mile away. If you pull out of Wildhorse (our location), take a right on Hwy 90. About a mile on the left is a convenience store. They have worms and crickets.

You can reach us at 843-279-0112


Karole Jensen


December 26, 2019

New and exciting upgrades and remodel for River Bluff Estate. A total freshen up with a new paint job of all the buildings on our spacious 7 acres. The house, a dark green with white trim. We are adding a custom awning over the pool and deck area. The barn and carriage house is a lighter green. At last the old horse trailer is disappearing. Just no good without a horse nor no where to take one.

There is the usual way to enter the Estate from Highway 90, then Wildhorse Drive onto Indigo Run.

What you may not know is that there is a private entrance from Highway 90 onto the property. You simply drive straight by the barn (instead of the right to Wildhorse. It is mostly grassy. But continue on to a slight left and a small fork in the road. At the end of the split, take a right to Highway 90. You will notice that the road is cleaned out for traffic; but just as you get to Highway 90, it is bushy at the entrance only. That is to discourage traffic onto the Estate. Just be careful not to scratch your car. The legitimate entrance to Wildhorse is just beyond the cable and telephone boxes. You may want to use it, or not. But, it is there.

And, for our visitors that haven’t been here in awhile, International Drive is just blocks down Highway 90 at the light, that puts you in Myrtle Beach in about 5 miles.

Inside, some fresh paint around. More stainless steel around backsplash of stove.

Fresh stain and wood treatment for the hot tub room, with a new climate controlled dehumidifier.

If it has been a season since you were here; new digital lock on entrance from garage to kitchen.

We have added more fire extinquishers, in the kitchen and upstairs. As you may recall, we have a security and fire system that is monitored. The system does not need to set set to monitor fire. If there is a fire, the siren will blast and it will call the fire department.

Here are some Pictures of the new exterior paint job.

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